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Men's Health

Menís Health is the central topic of most journal and magazines, speculating on major health problems and methods of treatments. We pay much attention to the category as well and displayed all the most wanted medications for improving prostate health, sexual health, STDs, fertility and others.We also tend to provide our patients with most comprehensive and trust-worthy online healthcare information to choose the right medication that will provide you with the best benefits without any negative risks. Increasing the awareness of achievements in the sphere of menís pharmaceuticals, we decrease the possibilities of wrong treatment and time-consuming hospitalization.

Generic Priligy
Generic Priligy is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation.
$2.63One Tab
Generic Casodex
Cosudex (Bicalutamide) is in the class of anti-androgen medications and is a hormonal therapy to treat prostate cancer.
$4.92One Tab
Generic Viagra
Viagra (Sildenafil) is a generic version of the most sellable medication ever that does not differ in strength or action time. Being a pill with a great reputation, it still proves its action in 15 minutes and the pleasure lasting 4-5 hours.
$1.10One Tab
Generic Proscar
Proscar (Finasteride) is related to the class of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors that treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.
$1.31One Tab
Caverta (Sildenafil) enhances male potency and allows getting erected, by the means of physical stimulation and psychological mood to have intimate relations.
$6.83One Tab
Cialis (Tadalafil) is a high quality generic version of Brand Cialis that has the same chemical characteristics. Despite the low price, it still starts to act in less than 20 minutes and has the most prolonged action time of 36 - 42 hours, regardless of any food or drink intake.
$1.32One Tab
Silagra (Sildenafil) ruthlessly fights male potency disease and elevates all the menís natural abilities to get erected followed by powerful ejaculations.
$2.14One Tab
Generic Rogaine
Generic Rogaine dilates blood vessels in the scalp, which may improve hair follicle function and stimulate hair growth.
$46.82One Tab
Levitra (Vardenafil) is a laboratory tested and clinically proven generic medication, gaining more and more popularity among all the sufferers of erectile dysfunction. The efficacy of which lasts 6-7 hours and becomes active within 10 minutes.
$2.20One Tab
Tadalis Sx
Tadalis Sx
Tadalis SX (Tadalafil) has all the features of original Cialis that is truly the best medication ever to treat and cure male potency problems.
$2.32One Tab
VPXL is one of the world`s most popular natural penis enlarging solutions. VPXL is absolutely safe mixture of herbals that increases your penis from 1 to 4 inches in 4‚Äď6 months. It well works on both circumcised and non circumcised penis.
$84.98One Tab
Kamagra (Sildenafil) is a professional approach to manufacturing of Viagra, as it represents the equivalent to the most famous medication ever. Kamagra and Viagra are two brands for one medication that becomes active in the body in 15 minutes and stays effective for 4-5 hours.
$1.72One Tab
Generic Uroxatral
Uroxatral (Alfuzosin) is prescribed for adults as an alpha1-blocker and used to treat the signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate (BPH).
$1.92One Tab
Generic Eulexin
Eulexin (Flutamide) is in the class of medicines, called anti-androgens, acting by directly blocking the cancer-promoting activities of androgens.
$2.40One Tab
Viagra Soft
Viagra Soft
Viagra Soft (Sildenafil) is a chemically improved and enhanced erectile dysfunction medication. Regenerated into the form of sublingual quick dissolving lozenge, Viagra Soft has reduced its activation time to the minimum of 10 minutes with 6 hours of efficacy.
$1.49One Tab
Vigora (Sildenafil) is a perfect formulation of Sildenafil to prevent menís most popular disease called erectile dysfunction and improve the quality of sperm.
$3.00One Tab
Generic Flomax
Flomax (Tamsulosin) is a leading treatment of male urinary symptoms, caused by BPH, defined as an enlarged prostate. You should differ BPH from not a more serious condition like prostate cancer.
$1.27One Tab
Cialis Soft
Cialis Soft
Cialis Soft (Tadalafil) is a one step better medication in the range of Tadalafil containing medications. Represented as quick dissolving lozenges, Cialis Soft has improved its absorbing qualities as the pill disappears under your tongue, having the activation time of less than 10 minutes and prolonged action time of 42 hours.
$1.60One Tab
Generic Emla
Emla cream is a local anesthetic (numbing medication) containing lidocaine and prilocaine. It works by blocking nerve signals in your body. Emla cream is used to numb normal intact skin or the membrane surfaces of the penis or vagina. Emla is used to prepare you for minor surgery or medical procedures on these areas.
$22.78One Tab
Generic Furadantin
Furadantin (Nitrofurantoin) is an antibacterial agent that eliminates or vanishes bacteria of the urinary tract, prescribed to be taken two or four times a day for at least one week.
$0.65One Tab
Generic Avodart
Avodart (Dutasteride) is fantastic medication, used to treat an enlarged prostate gland with positive effects on decreasing hairloss.
$1.12One Tab
Professional Pack
Professional Pack
These is a Pack with sublingual tablets. Owing to its form of release and the method of an intake the any of two drugs brings much better result than their classic analogues, as those are dissolved under the tongue very fast and penetrate into the blood stream faster. Well, these advantages lead to an easier process of clearance and reduce the likelihood of side effects. So both pills are well tolerated and more effective. Affordable price - is a pleasant bonus!
$2.27One Tab
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Kamagra Oral Jelly
Kamagra Oral Jelly (Sildenafil) is a mint-flavoured jelly, administrated orally and oriented on people that are tired of taking pills.
$3.75One Tab
Brand Cialis
 Brand Cialis
Manufactured by Eli Lilly, Cialis is used for the treatment and prevention of menís most spread disease, called erectile dysfunction. Cialis improves the ability of your body to achieve and maintain erection during sexual contacts and stimulation.
$11.31One Tab
Suhagra Duralong
Suhagra Duralong
Suhagra Duralong¬ģ (Lidocaine spray) works by blocking nerve signals in your body and used to o get rid of embarrassments like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or to reduce pain or discomfort caused by skin irritations such as sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and minor cuts, scratches, or burns.
$16.58One Tab
Generic Keflex
Keflex (Cephalexin) is an antibiotic, called cephalosporin and acts as a cure to pneumonia and bone, ear, skin, and urinary tract infections.
$0.70One Tab
Brand Levitra
 Brand Levitra
Manufactured by Bayer, Levitra (Vardenafil) treats and cures the phenomenon of erectile dysfunction. Starting to act in less than 10 minutes and having the action duration of nearly 6-7 hours, Levitra represents one of the most effective medications and makes a respectable competitor to Viagra and Cialis.
$12.31One Tab
Triple Trial Pack
Triple Trial Pack
Erectile Dysfunction Trial Packs combine different medications for treating ED (erectile dysfunction). They are used to test what medicine fits you best.
$1.61One Tab
Generic Neggram
Neggram (Nalidixic Acid) is an antibacterial medication that acts by killing sensitive bacteria of the urinary tract in the way of blocking the production of bacteriaís essential proteins.
$1.12One Tab
Brand Viagra
Brand Viagra
Manufactured by Pfizer, Viagra is a proven and most potent medicine to treat and cure menís impotency. Being in the market for so long it became the most popular drug that starts working in 15 minutes and the chemical action could still be observed in 4-5 hours.
$9.56One Tab

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