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Anti Fungal

Antifungal drugs can be divided into prescription and non-prescription, used to treat fungal infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm, candidiasis (thrush), serious systemic infections such as cryptococcal meningitis. What makes it hard to treat is that to find a weakness in fungi to attack that does not also exist in human cells. So, if you attack the fungus, you may also attack the human cells the fungus lives on. Infections with fungi of the skin, nails, vagina and mouth are quite common, but are rarely serious and usually come deeper into the body. If you are healthy and have a good immune system, it is rare to be infected. However, fungal infections of the heart, lung, brain, and other organs happen to occur. These untreated internal fungal infections can be serious, sometimes can cause death.

Generic Betadine
Betadine cream is used for treating minor wounds and infections, as well as killing bacteria. Betadine cream is an antiseptic combination. It works by killing sensitive bacteria.
$16.58One Tab
Generic Diflucan
Diflucan (Fluconazole) is a potent triazole antifungal drug used in the treatment and prevention of superficial and systemic fungal infections.
$1.56One Tab
Generic Grifulvin
Grifulvin (Griseofulvin) treats fungal infections of different body parts: scalp, body, foot, nails, thigh, or hair follicles (barber's itch).
$0.73One Tab
Generic Gyne-lotrimin
Generic Gyne-Lotrimin is used to treat yeast (fungus) infections of the vagina.
$12.48One Tab
Ketzi Shampoo
 Ketzi Shampoo
Ketzi shampoo® is used for treating tinea (pityriasis) versicolor. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Ketoconazole shampoo is an imidazole antifungal. It works by preventing the growth of fungus.
$25.58One Tab
Generic Lamisil
Lamisil (Terbinafine) is applied in the treatment of infections caused by fungus that affect the fingernails or toenails.
$2.72One Tab
Lamisil Cream
Generic Lamisil Cream
Generic Lamisil Cream is used for treating fungal infections of the fingernails and toenails.
$10.48One Tab
Generic Lomexin
Lomexin(Fenticonazole) is a potent broad-spectrum antimycotic agent. The mechanism of action of fenticonazole is thought to be the blocking of oxidant enzymes with accumulation of peroxides and necrosis of the fungal cell; direct action on the membrane.
$18.54One Tab
Generic Lotrisone
Betamethasone and Clotrimazole cream contains a combination of betamethasone and clotrimazol. Betamethasone is steroid that reduces itching, swelling, and redness of the skin. Clotrimazole is an antifungal medication that fights infections caused by fungus.
$15.98One Tab
Generic Luzu
Luliconazole topical is an antifungal medication that fights infections caused by fungus. Luliconazole topical (for the skin) is used to treat athlete's foot (tinea pedis) or jock itch (tinea cruris) in adults and children who are at least 12 years old. Luliconazole topical is also used to treat ringworm (tinea corporis) in adults and children at least 2 years old.
$19.18One Tab
Generic Mentax
Generic Mentax is used for treating certain fungal infections of the skin.
$10.32One Tab
Generic Micatin
Miconazole ointment is used to treat skin fungal infections such as athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, tinea versicolor (a fungus that discolors the skin), and yeast infections of the skin. Undecylenic acid is a fatty acid that works by preventing the growth of fungus. The zinc in this product works by reducing the irritation and swelling of these types of fungal infections. This product should not be used to treat fungal infections of the scalp or nails.
$11.58One Tab
Micogel® belongs to the group of antifungal pharmaceuticals that are used in dermatology. The main active ingredient of the drug is miconazole nitrate. It is an antifungal medication, is an imidazole derivative. It has fungicidal activity against various yeast as well as yeast-like and other pathogenic fungi, able to interfere with the biosynthesis of amino acids important for the construction of steroid fungal membranes. As a result, its barrier protection is broken, the fungus dies. It also produces an antibacterial effect on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Micogel® has a hyperosmolar effect, as a result, its use produces an anti-exudative effect. Micogel® is used for the local treatment of fungal infections of the skin, feet, nails. Effective with: superinfection caused by gram-positive microorganisms and onychomycosis.
$72.30One Tab
Generic Nizoral
Nizoral (Ketoconazole) is used to treat a number of different types of fungal and yeast infections, specifically, kills fungi and yeasts by interfering with their cell membranes.
$2.63One Tab
Nizoral Cream
Generic Nizoral Cream
Generic Nizoral is used for treating fungal infections.
$10.48One Tab
Nizoral Shampoo
Generic Nizoral Shampoo
Nizoral shampoo with a basic component named Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication that fights against infections caused by fungus. Ketoconazole is not designed for the fingernails or toenails treatment. This medicine shouldn't be also used during the treatment of prostate cancer or Cushing syndrome.
$12.58One Tab
Generic Sporanox
Sporanox (Itraconazole) is used for the treatment of fungal infections and, more over, is active against aspergillus.
$5.36One Tab
Generic Vfend
Voriconazole is an antifungal medicine. Voriconazole is used to treat serious fungal or yeast infections, such as aspergillosis (fungal infection in the lungs), candidemia (fungal infection in the blood), esophageal candidiasis (candida esophagitis), or other fungal infections (infections in the skin, stomach, kidney, bladder, or wounds). It may also be used to treat patients with serious fungal or yeast infections who cannot tolerate other types of treatment or do not respond to other types of treatment.
$41.74One Tab

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